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Ethiopia – Is It Safe?

Pre-dawn St Mary’s Day Ceremony – Axum, Ethiopia

Overall, Ethiopia is a very safe country. I’ve never had even the slightest threat to my safety or possessions during my six visits to the country. This of course does not mean that you should dispense with your common sense, so activities such as walking in dark areas alone at night, not keeping an eye […]

Ethiopia – What To See

Abraha Atsbeha church - Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is my favourite country in Africa and it is brimming with sights. The culture of Ethiopia is so rich and different, that the major attraction of the country is not any specific attraction but instead meeting the people and learning about their culture. Ethiopia is truly unique. The historical circuit is the aptly named […]

Ethiopia – Practical Information

Shopkeeper - Jinka, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Before you go: A number of nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival at Bole International Airport only. If you are crossing via land, you will need to obtain your visa in advance. Please note the common practice of travelling from Somaliland to Ethiopia by land is no longer possible unless you have a visa […]

The Story Behind The Photo: Axum, Ethiopia

Pre-dawn St Mary’s Day Ceremony – Axum, Ethiopia

“Tales from aeons past seep from every corner of Axum.  More than 2000 years ago, the former capital of the Axumite kingdom exerted its military, trade and cultural powers for more than a millennium.  Legend states that the king who bore Frankincense (Gaspar) to Jesus after his birth hailed from Axum.  The famed Queen of […]