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North Korea – Is It Safe?

The Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance – Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea is one of the safest countries you will ever travel. During my 2009 visit, I was always accompanied by a driver, party official and guide, and because the only people who are likely to speak to you have been authorised to do so, the chance from petty crime is almost nil. The most […]

North Korea – Practical Information

Pohyon Temple complex - Mt Myhongyang, North Korea

Before you go:  To travel to North Korea, you must book a tour with one of the authorised tour operators – I chose Young Pioneer Tours.   They will apply for your visa on your behalf, which unfortunately does not appear in your passport, but on a green piece of paper instead. The only currencies accepted […]

North Korea – What To See

Backdrop to Mass Gymnastics and Artistic Performance - Pyongyang, North Korea

You will not have a lot of choice what you see in North Korea (officially called the DPRK – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) since all tours only visit the usual authorised places. If you take an independent tour, you will have more flexibility, but it doesn’t open too many other options.  If you […]

The Story Behind The Photo: Pyongyang, North Korea

Great Leader statue on Mansu Hill - Pyongyang, North Korea

“The first important site we visited was the gargantuan bronze statue of the Great Leader (Kim Ill Sung – the founder of North Korea) at Mansu Hill in Pyongyang, which we were required to honour with flowers. Backed by a huge mural of Mount Paektu (the symbolic birthplace of the Korean nation) we approached the […]