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Tajikistan – Is It Safe?

Family home – near Rang-kul, Tajikistan

Tajikistan is safe in terms of security issues, despite its proximity to Afghanistan. There has been unrest due to local protests in Khorog in 2012, and as a result that town was closed to tourists. This posed no physical danger to foreigners, but it obviously an caused enormous amount of frustration for those wanting to […]

Tajikistan – What To See

Camel trek - near Rang-kul, Tajikistan

An isolated country surrounded by Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, China and Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan hosts one of the great road journeys of the world – between Dushanbe , the capital of Tajikistan, to Osh in Kyrgyzstan.  One will see fellow travellers following this route in all manner of vehicles – such as bicycle, motorcycle, 4WD/SUV or campervan. The […]

Tajikistan – Practical Information

Village near Yoged - Tajikistan

Before you go: Best to obtain an evisa and GBAO permit in advance. This has been available since June 2016, and should be completed only through the official site. This option is for single entry visas only. If you wish a double entry visa, you need to use this system to apply for two different […]

The Story Behind The Photo: Rang-kul, Tajikistan

Family home – near Rang-kul, Tajikistan

“My camel lumbered over some of the most barren landscape you are likely to see. My camel was moderately sized and in the process of shedding her brown winter coat. Apart from the wind, her gurgling and whining was the only noise that be discerned at this altitude of 4000 metres. The sky was a […]