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Zimbabwe – Is It Safe?

Rainbow at Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe

  Zimbabwe is a very safe country, though the usual safety precautions still apply – do not walk alone in dark areas at night, and not overtly displaying valuables being just two of many precautions to follow. The people of Zimbabwe are friendly and welcoming, remarkable considering the terrible economic circumstances of the country in […]

Zimbabwe – What To See

The Great Enclosure - Great Zimbabwe, near Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Unfortunately for most people, the only part of Zimbabwe they see is the area around Victoria Falls. This is nothing like the rest of Zimbabwe and anyone only visiting here will not get a real feel for the country.  The main reason for stopping in Victoria Falls is the experience the falls for which the […]

Zimbabwe – Practical Information

Bulawayo Railway Museum - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Before you go: A number of nationalities can obtain their visa on arrival. The cost varies depending on nationality. If you are visiting Victoria Falls and wish to view the Falls from the Zambian side (which for me is the better side) it is cheaper to purchase a double-entry visa instead – and thankfully these […]