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Improve Your Travel Experience

Lecture on Travel Tips - Moscow, Russia

Lecture on Travel Tips – Moscow, Russia

Personally experience The Travel Camel’s inspiring and informative workshops!

You will be engaged and entertained whilst learning important skills from a highly experienced trainer.

Course: Improve Your Travel Experience

Overview:  Ready to take an overseas trip. Don’t know where to go, when to go, what to pack? This course is perfect for the novice or experienced traveller who wishes to make the most from their travel experience and for an affordable price!

Learning Objectives:

  • To save money when travelling
  • To be properly prepared for travel
  • To have better travel experiences
  • To travel responsibly


  • Choosing a travel destination
  • Finding cheap fares and hotel rates
  • What  to pack and what to leave behind
  • Stay safe and healthy on the road
  • Responsible travel

Duration: Half day

What to bring: A desire to explore the world!

Methodology: Presentation, Discussion

Fee: Varies according to location

About the Trainer: Shane Dallas is an adventurer and travel photographer who has travelled to 100 countries. He is regularly interviewed via such media as magazines and radio about travel destinations and travel tips, and gives presentations across the world about the different places he has visited.

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