The Road Less Travelled Twitter Chat (#TRLT)

Karo warrior - Kolcho, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Karo warrior – Kolcho, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

The Road Less Travelled (#TRLT) is a lively and inspiring travel Twitter chat that commenced on Tuesday 5 November 2013, and we have chatted every Tuesday since that first chat without a break.  The first session exceeded our expectations and we were trending during the chat.  We have continued to grow since then.

huP2x3zc#TRLT discusses destinations overlooked on travel Twitter chats, such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central America.  These are places that deserve to be considered as holiday options by more travellers and #TRLT is one way to generate discussion and interest in these destinations.

In a normal week, #TRLT achieves the following:
#TRLT ranks as one of the top 3 busiest weekly travel Twitter chats in the world
#TRLT has the highest response rate per question of any weekly travel Twitter chat.
#TRLT is the largest travel Twitter chat based outside of North America.
#TRLT’s unbroken schedule of weekly chats since 5 November 2013 is the second longest current run of any travel Twitter chat. 

#TRLT seeks to inspire others to travel respectfully and to see destinations away from the usual tourist routes. Places that allow us to explore, to learn and to understand the world and its people.

Travel is more than a holiday.

#TRLT Milestones
8 April 2014 – first occasion where we attracted over 100 participants in a single chat.
13 May 2014 – first time totalling more than 1000 tweets in the hour.
16 September 2014 – first chat where we had contributions across six continents with 1437 tweets coming from 125 participants.
4 November 2014 – first anniversary chat surpassed 200 photos tweeted for the first time.
30 December 2014 – first instance of more than 1000 tweets, 100 participants, and 100 photos in a single chat.
12 May 2015 – first occasion where we attracted over 150 participants in a single chat.
29 September 2015 – our 100th session was the first instance of more than 1500 tweets, 150 participants and 150 photos in a single chat.
13 October 2015 – our first sponsored chat generated more than 15 million impressions in a three hour period before, during and after the chat.
09 February 2016 – first instance of more than 2000 tweets and 200 participants in a single chat. We also received more than 450 photographs in the hour.
13 September 2016 – our 150th chat was attended by 200 participants and we believe that it was the first time a travel Twitter chat was hosted from Iran (I was in Esfahan on that night).

Founded by Savannah, Ariana and me, we all possess personal experience in places infrequently travelled by others, with Afghanistan being a particular favourite for each of us.

If you are a novice or seasoned traveller on such rarely trodden paths, or even if you are seeking to place your first foot on #TRLT then join us on the following times each Tuesday.

US & Canada PT: 1000
Costa Rica: 1100
Canada & US CT: 1200
US & Canada ET: 1300 (1 pm)
Argentina: 1300 (1pm)
UK:  1800 (6pm)
Germany: 1900 (7pm)
South Africa: 2000 (8pm)
United Arab Emirates: 2200 (10pm)
India: 2330 (11:30pm)
Malaysia: 0200 (2am)

What is a Twitter Chat?
A brief explanation on how our Twitter chat works. Five questions are asked on a chosen theme at approximately 10-12 minute intervals, and these are prefaced with Q1, Q2 and so on.  You answer each question with the relevant answer (A1, A2 etc.) and interact with others.  It is important to include #TRLT hashtag so your tweets can be followed by the hosts and other participants.

#TRLT is a busy chat, and the best way to follow is to open a separate window for #TRLT and one for Interactions so you can follow the chat and who is chatting directly with you. I personally find TweetDeck offered by Twitter a very effective method of achieving this as it allows multiple windows to be displayed on the one screen.

31 January 2017 – Hope (#TRLT 170)
Q1: What do you hope for when you travel? via @RTWBarefoot #TRLT
Q2: Share a story and photo when a Road Less Travelled encounter gave you hope and why. via @FuninFairfax @prachimadri #TRLT
Q3: Share a photo from #TRLT where you hope to return and hope won’t change before you visit again! via @FuninFairfax @roarLoud
Q4: Why and how does travel give you hope? Share a photo! via @aardvarksafaris @carornocar #TRLT
Q5: What do you hope will be the next big development or invention in the travel world? via @amberparkcouple #TRLT

Previous Sponsors of #TRLT

Al Ghurair Rayhaan

Past Topics:
24 January 2017: Roads
17 January 2017: Lessons
10 January 2017: People
03 January 2017: Planning
27 December 2016: 2016 Travel Highlights
20 December 2016: Seasons
13 December 2016: Discovery
06 December 2016: World Wonders
29 November 2016: Gratitude

22 November 2016: Wildlife
15 November 2016: Happiness
08 November 2016: Changes
01 November 2016: Achievements
25 October 2016: Food
18 October 2016: Family & Friends
11 October 2016: Travel Inspiration
04 October 2016: Adventure
27 September 2016: Luxury
20 September 2016: Health

13 September 2016: Buildings
06 September 2016: Transport
30 August 2016: Street Life
23 August 2016: Little Things
16 August 2016: Elements
09 August 2016: Patterns
02 August 2016: Awe
26 July 2016: Festivals
19 July 2016: Finances
12 July 2016: Hot Places

05 July 2016: Cold Places
28 June 2016: Surprises
21 June 2016: Road Trips
14 June 2016: Nature
07 June 2016: Flavours
31 May 2016: Bring It On
24 May 2016: Borders
17 May 2016: Aromas
10 May 2016: Courage
03 May 2016: Elements

26 April 2016: Comfort
19 April 2016: Architecture
12 April 2016: Curiosity
05 April 2016: Border Crossings
29 March 2016: Daily Life
22 March 2016: Once In A Lifetime
15 March 2012: Remote Places
08 March 2016: Urban Travel
01 March 2016: Activities
23 February 2016: Black and White

16 February 2016: UNESCO Sites
09 February 2016: Photography
02 February 2016: Air Adventures
26 January 2016: Happiness
19 January 2016: Activities
12 January 2016: People
05 January 2016: 2016 Dreams
29 December 2015: 2015 Memories
22 December 2015: Traditions
15 December 2015: Firsts

08 December 2015: Excitement
01 December 2015: Planning
24 November 2015: Responsible Travel
17 November 2015: Senses
10 November 2015: Weather
03 November 2015: Milestones
27 October 2015: Luxury
20 October 2015: Inspiration
13 October 2015: Relaxation
06 October 2015: Colours

Weeks 1-100

Links to the Twitter accounts of my fellow #TRLT founders and permanent hosts, the #TRLT Chat Twitter account, and to the #TRLT Facebook page can be found below:

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