Image Gallery

Image Gallery

My current camera is a Nikon D7100 with a Nikkor 16-85mm Lens which I love for its excellent sharpness, especially from F6.7 to F11. When animal, bird or sports watching, a Tokina 80-400 Lens accompanies me because it is the lightest 80-400 lens in the world – and the results are outstanding.

I carry a set of graduated Neutral Density filters which are excellent at removing the brightness from skies, especially on cloudy days or after sunrise. A small, light tripod is essential for long exposures at dusk, which enable the skies to turn a radiant blue.

I do little post-processing; thus, I have no idea how to use HDR. All images appearing on this site and my Social Media are taking from a single photo. Any adjustments are made to replicate what I saw with my eyes, thus usually colour correction, distortion control, exposure adjustment, straightening, and cropping.

I love a lot of space or depth in my photos, and I love shooting in low light. When photographing a person, I always ask for permission beforehand. One does take fewer photographs as a result of this practice, but the quality is better.

My photos here are a collection of my favourites from around the world.

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