The Travel Camel Philosophy

A Visit at Dusk to Jame Mosque - Esfahan, Iran

A Visit at Dusk to Jame Mosque – Esfahan, Iran


The world is not as dangerous as it appears from afar, because the vast majority of the planet is safe and welcoming.

Travel brings the world together. Interactions between people when travelling puts a human face on different nations, and it replaces fear of the unknown with knowledge and understanding.

Destinations with inaccurate and poor safety perceptions or reputations usually provide the most memorable and enjoyable travel experiences.

I distance myself from obviously perilous places infested by active armed insurgents, but instead travel to the world’s less appreciated countries and explore what they have to offer.

Please explore this website if you want inspiration to take the road less travelled, or join one of my tours and let me lead you to some of the world’s greatest travel experiences.