Public Speaking

Public Speaking Made Easy

Rehearsal is a vital aspect of any presentation

Final rehearsals for presentation at TBEX – Dublin, Ireland

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Course: Public Speaking Made Easy

Overview:  Public Speaking is one of the most valuable skills you can learn, for it is seen as an important characteristic of leaders and influencers.  It is also an easy skill, but many people make it difficult for themselves by employing the wrong techniques.  This course will give you the skills you need to launch yourself onto a stage with confidence!

 Learning Objectives:

  • To control nervousness
  • To identify the differences between writing for reading and speaking
  • To powerfully deliver a speech
  • To use public speaking to inform and influence


  • The importance of public speaking
  • Speech structure and word usage
  • Techniques to deliver a speech with ease
  • Practical activities
  • Review and further tips

Duration: 3 sessions of 3 hours each

Workshop Number: 12 participants

What to bring: 200 words about a subject you like talking about

Methodology: Presentation, Discussion, Practical Speaking Sessions, Evaluation,

Fee: Varies according to location

About the Trainer: Shane Dallas is a professional keynote speaker who has more than 25 years of public speaking experience, including mentoring many hundreds of people on the art of public speaking.  He is in demand as a presenter on the travel, Social Media, travel and cruise ship speaking circuits across the world.

Please contact me for further information, including for private tuition if you want to learn more advanced techniques to reach outstanding levesl fo oratory.