Work With Me

Work with Me

Being Interviewed for TV in Ireland

Being Interviewed for TV in Ireland

My Social Media: is engaging and personable.
My writing: is evocative and articulate.
My photography: is natural and intimate.
My public speaking: is poetic and inspirational.

My unique combination of skills can form an important part of your marketing strategy and provide your business with an edge in today’s competitive market. I can collaborate with you to create engaging, memorable and inspiring content that will assist your business to attract new clients and strengthen existing relationships. My services include private consulting, workshops and keynote speeches.

Speaking & Training

I am known by people who witness me speak as the master storyteller, a skill I have developed during my 30+ years as a public speaker. I am in demand as a keynote speaker in the travel, Social Media and cruise ship communities. My speaking can provide another tool to promote your business at conferences, seminars and public events, also, to train your staff about Social Media and/or public speaking. Furthermore, I am an experienced radio presenter and guest, having appeared live in radio studios on four continents.

Social Media Consulting

I have proven results in building an engaged audience. Having a large following on Social Media is not enough; one must have strong content, strong conversation and a strong community. I can show you how to create all three on Social Media. I am a founder of the Twitter travel chat #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled), one of the most successful and longest-running travel chats in the world where we often reach more than 10 million impressions in 3 hours.

Marketing Campaign

Want to promote your destination to a broad and loyal audience? Using my personal experience with your destination or services, I can formulate an online and offline campaign by using my Social Media and photography to create compelling content.

Writing & Photography

I have 35+ years of photography experience and can provide high-quality photographs and writing that would enhance your online presence. Excellent images are vital to improving your profile on the Internet, and examples of my strong photographic skills can be found in my Image Galleries. My writing can vary from short information pieces to longer travel writing – excerpts of which can be read in The Story Behind the Photo.


I have a loyal and engaged group of wonderful followers and fans on Social Media that monitor my travels throughout the world. I regularly update my Social Media platforms about my current travels and location, which in turn, actively promotes the area I am staying, and this occurs whether I am on a media trip or travelling independently.

Where Are They From?

My top five markets are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India and Australia. I have a strong following through Europe in countries such as Germany and Finland. In Asia, my main markets are India and Malaysia. I am one of the few Social Media travel specialists to have a strong audience in the Middle East (particularly the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) and Africa (East and Southern).

What Do They Read?

I am known as the adventurer who takes the road less travelled. My audience is most engaged when I share information from places away from the usual tourist routes, with the most popular destinations anywhere in the Middle East and Africa and underappreciated destinations in Europe and Asia. My writing usually involves a travel narrative rather than a listing of sights – for them, deeper travel is better travel.

If you wish further information, please contact me. A Media Kit is available on request.

Please note that I don’t accept full contra deals such as hotel nights in exchange for Social Media or other publicity from The Travel Camel. Media or Familiarisation (FAM) trips are usually only undertaken if they form part of a paid service.