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Afghanistan – What To See

Former fort - Qala-e-Panja, Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the most beautiful country I have ever seen – their mountains command your attention. My experience was limited to the region of the Wakhan Corridor.  Ishkashim is the border town and only entry point to the area and I found this to be a fascinating and friendly place.  However, you will need to […]

Afghanistan – Practical Information

A harsh life - Kizkut, Afghanistan

  Before you go: Obtaining a visa is necessary for all visitors prior to entering Afghanistan, and it is likely that you will need a Letter of Introduction from an accredited travel provider.  Visa requirements can differ with the embassy or consulate.  In Khorog, Tajikistan, visas are provided in 30 minutes, whereas in Dubai the […]

Afghanistan – Is It Safe?

Police - Ishkashim, Afghanistan

You need to research carefully before any visit to Afghanistan. The situation is complex and volatile.  Having said this there are certain areas which are considered safe.  The Badakhshan Province in the north-east is home to the famous Wakhan Corridor and the Big and Little Pamirs. The safest way to enter here is via the […]

The Story Behind The Photo: Kizkut, Afghanistan

A harsh life - Kizkut, Afghanistan

“It is a harsh life in the Wakhan. This is best evidenced by infant mortality rates that exceed 40% in places, contributed by a combination of climate and isolation. This harshness is reflected in the Wakhi faces that are as captivating as the mountains they live under. The faces are hard, and every line on […]