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A Memorable Encounter with a Former Soldier in Kurdistan

Rashid Scans The Wall In a Tea House - Qaysari Bazaar, Erbil, Kurdistan

A Memorable Encounter with a Former Soldier in Kurdistan “In the Middle East, the visitor is seen as a gift from God. But like any gift, the reaction to its receipt is related to its frequency; the more regular the gift, the less enthusiastic the response. The Middle East bestows the most hospitable of welcomes […]

Kurdistan Travel Guide

Kurdistan Travel Guide   Before you go: A number of nationalities can obtain a ten-day tourist visa on arrival.  If you are unable to obtain a visa on arrival, you will need to apply to an Iraqi embassy or consulate prior, and this may include obtaining a letter from the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. […]

Kurdistan Sights

Kurdistan Sights   Within Erbil, one will concentrate their visit around the area of the towering Citadel, though much is currently closed due to restoration, including the Kurdish Textile Museum. At the base of the Citadel is the Qaysari Bazaar which is worthy of a wander, even if only to meet with the local people.  […]