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Exploring a Castle Built for Giants in Syria

Inner Ward Of Krak Des Chevaliers - near Hawash, Syria

Exploring a Castle Built for Giants in Syria .. “Nestled high on a vertiginous hilltop, sits a castle that TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) described as the finest in the world. Krak Des Chevaliers, or the Castle of Knights, was constructed between 1000-800 years ago by both the First Crusaders and then the Knights Hospitaller. […]

Syria Travel Guide

Syria Travel Guide   As of early 2019, Syria appears to prepare to welcome tourists again. Some of the below information may change as it is based on the pre-conflict days.  Before you go: Obtaining a visa was necessary for all visitors prior to entering Syria. Before the current conflict, this was an easy process. […]

Syria Sights

Syria Sights Some of the sights below (such as Palmyra and the Souq of Aleppo) have been damaged to different degrees due to armed conflict in recent years. It has been reported to me that all these sites are open for visitors.  Syria has plenty of attractions within a small country, but there are two […]